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Gurgler fly Invented by the late Jack Gartside, this surface fly can be used to catch just about every variety of saltwater fish there is—and likely any freshwater fish as well. This example was tied by Gartside himself, and is one of more than one hundred flies Gartside bequeathed to the Museum.

How to Filet a Fish This is the best method to fillet fish ever. I've been filleting this way for 35 yrs.

Fly Tying Patterns | Fly Tying Nation: Saltwater Nation - Saltwater fly pattern - Says Saltwater but looks like and excellent smallie fly to me!

Can you pick up a stone in the rivers you fish and NOT find them in good quantity? In ALL the rivers I fish, there are a minimum of 3-4 on every rock, often a dozen or more. They very in species, size and color. The caddis larva I see the most