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    Gurgler fly Invented by the late Jack Gartside, this surface fly can be used to catch just about every variety of saltwater fish there is—and likely any freshwater fish as well. This example was tied by Gartside himself, and is one of more than one hundred flies Gartside bequeathed to the Museum.

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Mounting idea for fish or mermaid!

One of ny FAV freshwater lures - VIBREX 'n have 'em in every color 'n size., Jus' a real good all 'round lure that can annoy a bass that's not interested in feedin' or guardin' a bed, enough to make him strike !!!

This fly is a variation on Jack Gartside’s Gurgler. A lightweight topwater critter that will take a lot of abuse and continue to fish well. The hookup ratio is better than a deerhair bug and is a hell of a lot faster to tie.

Sometimes it's not about the fish at all but more about finding yourself in different surroundings. That is what special about fishing. It can take you anywhere.

I actually watched the show River Monsters with Jeremy Wade recently, and the man does a lot of fishing! So I guess a fishing rod is all you need to catch a river monster?

For everyone's information - that is not me fishing!

campvibrations: I dig Keith Malloys style

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Fly fishing for tarpon is one of the biggest challenges in fly fishing. The fish are huge, they jump up to 6 feet in the air, and their mouths are solid bone.