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Contact: Pacific Northwest, Ashland. SOUL MEDICINE: Dreams, Dreaming, Sacred Art, Folk Healing, Myths & Magic and more.

Viking pendant with chain 'We call them Vikings'....Museum of Sweden

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Silver Aged Pair of Viking hair beads Hair beads by LoitsuCrafts

Forged Iron Fibula Pin Viking Medieval Nordic Brooch Costume Reenactment LARP Jewelry

This is a forged iron Viking-Era Medieval Nordic Renaissance style fibula pin brooch. The fibula can be used as part of a reenactment costume.

Viking Dragon Guardian Wood Carving

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Viking Dress Pins Viking Era, 9th - 11th Century Replica of Private Collection Artifact Pin is approx. 4 1/2", Pendant is 1 1/2" wide. Viking artifacts of this style & size are extremely rar

A unique gold and sapphire finger ring, found by a metal detectorist and just purchased by the Yorkshire Museum, almost certainly belonged to Anglo-Saxon or Viking royalty, very senior clergy or a leading member of the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy, say historians