Eave trough garden. YES! Staggered. On the fence/garage. Trailing petunias, small veggies...need to try them all.

Want to grow a salad garden but have no room? Try gutters! Affix them to a fence, slope them for drainage, and voila!

DIY: Small Space Vegetable Garden ... Might be good on the upper deck. We have plenty of yard space, but when we tried to have a vegetable garden, the rabbits thought it was a buffet.

veggie garden guide: step-by-step guide to help you select, buy, store, and test your vegetable seeds

Hangende moestuin in Tuin Handig!

Another tiered garden bed.

vegetable gardens

so put together

Nice article on how to grow a vegetable garden and landscape it for beauty as well as efficiency in a small space


vertical gardening, gardening with kids

Heritage Vegetable Garden

Pallet Garden


Vegetable Garden