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Great idea!

DIY bucket list board - picture frame, chicken wire, and some clothespins. When you complete one you put in the bucket! — might be cute for a new year's resolution type thing

Check list

100 Things to do this summer. Might just make it "summer idea's list" if I make it a checklist I will just do things to cross them off. This way if the kids say the dreaded "I'm booooored" I can say, "Let's look at the idea list" something like that.

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There's nothing like the feeling of ticking something off your Bucket List. Here's 5 Lists worth making today.

Einkaufslisten sind für alle von Vorteil und nicht nur für Diejenigen, die sich nicht mehr alles gut merken können. Jeder kennt es wahrscheinlich - man geht einkaufen und weiß, das darf man unbedingt

{DIY} Einkaufslisten Organizer (s'Bastelkistle)


Vacation Keepsake DIY Idea: Collect sand from different beaches to fill a jar. Label each with place and time. cool Idea if I ever get a real vacation .

Kommandozentrale 3

Command Center Must Haves - get the whole family daily life organized with these essential lists and categories in a family command centre

weinflaschen im garten beleuchtung ideen party

Whether or not an empty wine bottle is transparent, it can make a great bottle light! Mark where you want the holes to be with some masking tape, drill, rinse the bottle, then stuff Christmas lights through the holes you drilled. (via Wit and Whistle)

blau und braun im designschema - blumen wanddeko

Baby Blue and Brown Bedroom, This room has a blue and brown color scheme. The mural of a tree on the back wall gives this room an elegant touch. See more at Home and Garden Design Ideas.

Great way to help someone remember and celebrate a moment in time

Shadow boxes can look so cool if they are done right.and that is the problem, trying to do them right. Here are some ideas on cool ways to make shadow boxes come back into style like those high waisted shorts from our mothers era.

Cute decorative box...no one will suspect a THING! then you open it up and bam! Perfect place to store tampons and pads in the bathroom.

no one will suspect a THING! Perfect place to store tampons and pads in the bathroom. Add peroxide or blood stain remover


A 2017 Dreaming Guide For A Positive Year

With 2017 right around the corner, many people are planning their New Years resolutions. Some reap success, but most are forgotten by springtime. So instead of creating resolutions, let’s talk about dreaming.