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  • Gabriel Barliga

    Amazing vertical view on Manhattan #NYC - photo By Andreas Feininger [1944]

  • Untapped Cities

    Vintage Photo: Aerial Manhattan and NYC by Andreas Feininger... The photography of Andreas Feininger has come to define 1940s and 50s New York City, like this vintage aerial photograph of Manhattan in 1944

  • Lindy Gayle

    NYC Love. Vertical view of Manhattan over 10,000 feet high, 1944. #NYC #NewYork #NewYorkCity #Manhattan #BirdsEyeView

  • Kate

    The Big CIty.

  • Jody Leak

    Andreas Feininger Photo - Ariel View of New York's Midtown Manhattan, New York City, 1944

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New York still holds a piece of my heart. This was a trip that truly changed me and I can't wait to go back

New York / photo by Thomas Hawk Comment ne pas avoir envie de sauter ?

You can see the grid pattern on the Island that makes getting around Manhattan much easier -- above 14th St., that is!

New York City. I've been there once, but I HAVE to go back. I was only there for a day, so I don't feel like it really counts.

Possible Web Image. Window reflection to hv an image of mountains & spa, as if photograph is portraying a day dream of what a city dweller is thinking of where wanting to be.

This photo really strikes me. I love putting things in perspective in this way. Hundreds of thousands of us humans fit in this picture. Our tiny little huge city and that big park... yeah. I love this photo. New York Aerial #07

Chicago (7:28 a.m.) from Michigan Ave. looking SW //photo by Juergen Buergin

Really any metropolis such as new york has a sense of appeal in my eye, but New york City in general always pop up in my mind as a beautiful place, during the day and at nite. I love the vibe that the city life has to offer and i consider that something to be "beautiful" in its own rite.

If lotto is involved, I will NEVER come anywhere NY ever again. What a nightmare to have to live in this state. Like communist China. I'd even pay to get my family out.

New York subway car. This is one of the past models, note the circular black fan from the day before air conditioned car. It use to be brutal, the only hope you had of feeling mildly cool during rush hour when the cars were pack like sardines was to stand right under the fan to catch the breeze.