Spray paint a door mat from the dollar store! Love it!

Painted rubber door mat wall art $1.00 doormat from the dollar store,Heirloom White spray paint from Home Depot,once it is dry after spray painting the doormat all over,sander them to give them an aged feel! or they could be left just painted.

Spray paint: rubber door mat with a primer (any light color), base coat with black (allow dry time between coats). Use two coats of the Matte Heirloom White, allow a few days airing time outside. Use 120 grit sand paper on a small hand sander, sand to distress/aged feel.

I like the idea of using burlap as a sort of mat

scrapbook paper and dollar store frames

Upcycle a Cheap Door Mirror. These will go above the nightstands in the master bedroom.

Doilies on a black canvas... I have so many, now I know what to do with them!

Cool signs.... made out of brackets from hardware store and wood from hobby lobby...

Shabby-licious!! I would use a more natural jute rope you can usually find at your local dollar store :) check out The Metal Barn on ETSY to see what awesome rustic finds we're making in the barn!! Rope covered coffee cans, jars, etc... nice to give something in

Repurposed door mat. This is one of those idea's that I have had but just never took the time to even hold the mat up against the wall to see how it looks. I love it!! I even love the idea of using the door mat as a stencil for other wall art projects. Using different colors of spray paint will even change the feel of the mat design. This really looks amazing!

rubber doormat > paint > wall art

Dollar store plates & candle holders--glue together and spray paint

cute... try with black and white?

Originally brass lamps from goodwill, spray paint in bright colors. Love this idea

You too can have a spa-like bathroom for only like $5. | 31 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks

Plastic dollar store place mats as back splash. Attach w/pushpins or double sided tape.

an old door turned into a photo board...

DIY Wall Art: This looks like expensive art you'd find in a boutique decor shop, but it was made out of plywood sheets and door mats. Yes! Door mats! This is a very creative & budget-friendly solution for covering a large expanse of wall. Door Mat Wall Art Tutorial