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  • Natalie

    This is SO true! I miss dance <3

  • Emma Fridenmaker

    True story lol... I hate quick changes... So stressful

  • MaKenna Green

    Thanks to dance I can change my clothes and shoes in 15 seconds #alvasbfm #dance #thankstodance

  • Marissa Avila

    Thanks to Dance... So true.

  • Olivia Rose

    SO this isn't true YET. But next year with all my classes, Im sure ill have a quick change like this. I'm so nervous for that. But then I will be an official dancer and can say this is true.

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How many times have I heard this from all my dancing friends....

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"Dance isn't about dancing with your feet it's about dancing with you hear!" POINTE

So true....I can't get a pedicure, first...cuz it's so embarrassing to show them my feet (especially when someone is sitting next to me), and second cuz I need the skin on balls of my feet! They still don't understand me lol!

You never know when someone might ask you to break out in a dance...

Hmm... then whey does it take my kid so long to get dressed for school. :)

hahahahha actually counted like this during my daughter's delivery and the doctors and nurses were laughing...they thought i was going to break out into a dance any second...♥

haha... well not with a torn ACL at the moment, but soon, very soon...

It's so awkward! ..... yessssssssssss. the last dance i went to: "if i had my sweat pants, i'd be gettin' it on."

Thanks to dance... I unintentionally point my toes whenever I kick.

Thanks to dance - this ones my fav! Definitely SO true! This is usually done in my car while driving....hand and body movements are usually involved as well....