House in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, once belonging to an 18th Century Lawyer is now a museum owned and run by his descendants.

Gypsy caravan interior - oh how beautiful!

Gypsy: #Bohemian bedroom.

Balcony decor...


Gypsie Sister

bohemian chic . . .


Stoffbehang: Gemusterten Stoff, Passepartout und Borte drumherum. Fertig.

gypsy curtains

Beautiful boho bedroom!

Gypsy: #Bohemian #bedroom.

Gypsy lamp

Gypsy: #Bohemian bedroom.


Victorian Sitting Rooms | ... But how the heck did they sit that low in those corsets and dresses?!?

GYPSY YAYA: Global Patterns Galore!

Gypsy dreams.

Rich colors bohemian

Bohemian decor