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I know there's at least two steampunks out there that are shaking......"mine, mine, mine, mine....." lol

We have a great deal of DIY hat rack ideas for you. So, check out these DIY hat rack concepts to hang your hats and caps on.

Vintage hats for Gents

Hats from the costume company that worked on The King’s Speech. The movie really had some great hats. I especially love these brown top hats. So many awesome hats! All of the costumes in The King’s Speech were great in my opinion-not just the hats.

- inspiration décoration -

Thecountryfucker: "Moje kapelusze wyglądają naprawdę dobrze w The Ranch.


Travis Wall - he is not only an amazing dancer and choreograper, he might be one of the most attractive men alive.

19th century dandy - Google Search

my-ear-trumpet: doffyourhat: Headgear. From the ludicrous to the lavish, top hats are iconic. Nothing says old-timey goodness - or stage magician - quite like it. Perfect for concealing important documents, lethal weaponry, or prehaps small animals, even.

Straw Top Hat

Steampunk Straw top hat with silk lining, c. What fine weaving and preservation.

Love this coat, and the bow tie!

A classy accent to a formal peacoat could be a normal tie, but why be an ordinary man, when you can be the most interesting man in the world. (Bow-tie) Scull and Oars :)