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Fussbodenschleifmaschinenverleih (German) Wooden floor sanding/refinishing service provider

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Say what? 11 untranslatable words from other cultures [Infographic]

I dig "waldeinsamkeit" (German) and "Sobremesa" (Spanish), but I feel maybe some of these could be easily translated.

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Very unusual words and their meaning…

Wow, not only did my absolute favorite word show up on this list, but it has an equally lovely sounding word meaning the opposite that I was unaware of.

Some collective nouns, not to mention a watch of nightingales...Nor a snigglement of string. Or a gang of elk. Or a shrewdness of apes. Or an unkindness of ravens.

The sun's apricity is its warmth in winter, literally meaning Aprilness and implying a yearning for April. The warmth of the winter sun reminds us of the early days of spring.