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    So true! Some libraries are about as bad, the ladies at the help desk in our library had no idea what I was talking about when I asked them where I could find the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature!! But I suppose that just shows how old I am, maybe no one needs it any more thanks to the internet!?

    Boy Meets World- I don't know why this is funny, but it so is lol

    Boy meets world. Love this show so much!

    Ive seen this pin a few times. and I thought it was funny, but then I actually watched this episode and now I notice Cory and topanga's professor in the background, about to get into a fight because he (the professor) came onto topanga. And its a really dramatic scene because topanga isn't listening to the conversation, and this is her halfhearted answer.

    Vampire Diaries vs Twilight- yes I love twilight, but this is too funny not to repost!

    Ask kids to pick a number and do some lifestyle journalism about it. What does the number like to do? Where does it live? What color dress does it like? You can be as silly as you want! More mathematical humor at www.moebiusnoodle...

    The last time you came down kelela and we went snorkeling, there was a fish just like this one following me

    everybody has a porpoise | Flickr - Photo Sharing! by gemma correll

    Random Pictures Of The Day – 60 Pics

    what a selective survey :p love the shakespeare and austen

    I had to take a profile pic for work and TOTALLY looked like Sheldon! Needless to say RETAKE!! LOL NO SMILE!!