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I think I can totally make this! It would be great to add to my collection! DIY Tree of Life. #DIY #Jewelry

Project-make thisTree of life for the wall with a 24" hula hoop, twine, mixed wire, clock faces, hardware and book ephemera. Hmmm.

Pagan Wiccan Green Man Moss & Oak Besom & pentacle. Hand crafted by Positively Pagan Crafts. £7.50

Jewelry Making Tutorial--How to Make Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant | PandaHall Beads Jewelry Blog

Book of Shadows: Digital BoS Pagan & Wiccan graphics, by Grimdeva.

Great tree, love the swing and the leaves on the ground

Pagan This is how I believe it should be for all humanity. Not hatred, not bloodshed, not the constant threat of war. No matter the religion or other differences we all bleed the same, 99.9% of us have the capacity to love, we all have hurts and joys. It is the greed of man or a religion that claims to be the ONLY one true religion that is mostly is the cause of the worst problems we all face. Is that what any of our "Gods" really want for mankind to survive? For our world to survive?

This is absolutely beautiful. It quite accurately sums up my beliefs, and I think, per this summation, I could probably consider myself an Ecclectic Pagan. I will say that I don't know how accurate the statement is that suggests that any belief other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam would fall under the category of Paganism.

Unity of Wicca Good Morning my fellow Pagan/Wiccans. Blessed Be. ~Amethyst Moon