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  • Marie Jarrell

    Old signs from the Union Avenue Plunge Bakersfield, CA - I could see this from my grandparents' house. I never swam there.

  • Megan Guenther


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These fore-edge paintings can be found on some of the books from one of the first lending libraries of Estonia, founded by peasants.

Unique C.1880 FOLK ART Carved Bone "Heart on a Sleeve" Scarf Ring from Canada

Antique 1890's Folk Art Cat Painting

Pedro Linares - originator of alibrijes (brightly colored Oaxacan-Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures)

Wooden Folk Art Dolls

Animals in the Mary Greg Collection at the Manchester Art Gallery.

French Wooden Dolls; 1812

Small Carved Wooden Doll, probably American, mid 19th century, girl doll carved from a single piece of wood, with center-part hair, corkscrew curls to mid-neck, carved dress and pantaloons with scalloped edges, bow in back of dress, clothing tinted white, ht. 4 in.

American 19th century silhouette by "The Puffy Sleeve Artist". Hollow cut head, painted body.

Folk Art Eiffel Tower Ferris Wheel

Pine and bass wood sewing box, circa 1880

Sailor-made Watercolor and Shellwork Framed Valentine

American Folk Art Museum

Antique American Folk Silhouette by Rarely-Found Maine Artist

American Folk Art

Tailoring Factory Diorama.

1353: Box Lot of Carved Figures Toys

BEWARE! These trick “Snake” boxes always take you by surprise when opened and this one has a small needle tip projecting from its mouth sure...


American Folk Art - Late 19th or early 20th century Haberdashery Sign

America, late 19th century

Green-painted Carved Wooden Fence Post Whimsy with Birds, America, late 19th/early 20th century

milliner's head, 19th c. paper mache