Guest Making Wishes for the Newlyweds - Floating Paper Lanterns

100 Day Wedding Chinese Lantern Post is Airborne #stunningphotography #landscapephotography

Sky lanterns make a magical wedding send off - and a pretty beautiful portrait too! Seen on @swoonedmag | Photography: @_beyond_the_darkroom_ | Brides Dress: @allurebridals by aislesociety

Releasing paper lanterns at the end of a wedding. Way cool! I want someone to do this at a wedding of mine. Any takers? Rev. Jude Smith/Hudson Valley Weddings. Destination weddings a specialty - your place or mine!

Chinese Wedding Lanterns - 17 Traditional Chinese Wedding Ideas,,

Floating lanterns

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Super Cute and might look good with the black and white dress? Or even just a plain black dress (so it doesn't stain)?

floating skylanterns at the end of the wedding reception // photo by

I like the second 2 pictures. Not sure how that works exactly but once they're all up in the dark sky they would be like your own set of constellations and stars

[Wedding Exits] Honestly, I would love the paper lantern idea. I'd feel like Rapunzel and it would be amazing.

Sky lanterns 101


Wedding Exit

Pingsi Sky Lantern Festival 2006 平溪天燈節 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

How to make a flying lantern. Mental note, they dont find this funny when you live near an airport

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A darkening sky means the release of sky lanterns to cap off the beautiful evening. Jenelle Kappe Photography

Sky lantern: step 1, making paper balloon

Skylantern : Founded in 2007, SkyLantern is the No. 1 French distributor of flying lanterns.