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24 Signs That Prove Humanity Is Devolving

36 Signs That Actually Deserve Your Attention

36 Signs That Actually Deserve Your Attention

Funny quotes Elderly ladies in a car 39 pics - RawDumps

I literally LOL'd

I've met some pricks in my time but you sir, are a fucking Cactus

this website is hilarious, this is my favorite warning sign.

Drive Carefully - Two Cemeteries No Hospital

How else ya gonna use a chair?!

50 Hypocritical And Or Useless Signs

32 Pics Oozing With Unbearable Cringe - Gallery

I need this!!!

A smoke detector that shuts off when you yell "I'm just cooking!

It's true.

I just need a little recharge time. Otherwise, I'll recharge with a fist to your face and neither of us want that.

Works for me << Ditto!

Found on

when I see really attractive people I just laugh because I know if we lived in the aztec culture they'd be sacrificed to the gods for their beauty

Yup me to bud

Yup me to bud


10+ Obvious Signs Humanity Is Regressing

Obvious Signs Humanity Is Regressing

Danger, do not touch.

Funny Danger Sign Joke Picture = Do not touch. Not only will this kill you, it will hurt the whole time you are dying.

I'm not into these types of acronyms but this was pretty funny to me.

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Ya think Bill Engvall might have something to say?!

24 Of The Most Painfully Obvious Signs Mankind Has Ever Made

True public service ad. Should be in every high rise, EV.RY.WHERE! First World Problems - Imgur

First World Problems

Problem w/ the millennial generation!