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Mary Morrissey wrote "The Miracle Minute" back in the day when she was only getting started with life coaching and teaching. Now she's greater than ever, but you can buy this book on Amazon by following this link.

How to Prospect and Recruit using Postcards for your MLM or Network Marketing Business The Low cost Prospecting and Recruiting T...

~~ Sara in Montana ~~ the only thing Sara ever wanted is exactly what she has to run from to save her life.

Kindle FREE Days: Feb 21 – 25 ~~ WANG YANG: a memoir ~~ Follow Ryan Andrew Peters as he barrels through a life of pain, adventure, love and whimsical hope. - psychological thriller Black Caviar, The most vivid and movie-like thriller eBook series to date. Get Book one Now!

Kindle FREE Days: Mar 14 – 17 ~~ Obamacare For Smarties: Don’t Play Cat-and-Mouse With Your Healthcare ~~ Obamacare For Smarties helps you choose a health plan so you don’t buy more insurance than you need – or less.

#MaryMorrissey is one of the most life coaching expert all over in US. One of her missions is to help you to transform your possibilities into realities!

Kindle FREE Days: Feb 28 – Mar 1 ~~ Ghosts of the North Shore ~~ Epic love story and tragedy that will involve the fate of entire races of people… including our own.

Kindle Free days: Feb 21 – 23 ~~ The Corporeal Pull ~~ This action-packed love story will invite you in and leave you breathless!

Kindle FREE Days: Feb 14 – 16 ~~ DESIRE & PREJUDICE ~~ Desire and Prejudice is about the healing power of true love and the damning power of cultural prejudice.

Kindle FREE days: Jan 31 – Feb 01 ~~ Running Stupid ~~ A Classic Organized Crime and Punishment book with Gangsters, kidnapping mystery, a fiction story about serial killers and murder.

Kindle Free Days: March 5 – 6 ~~ Self Help Happiness With EFT Tapping ~~ WARNING; Do not use the techniques in this book unless you are serious about releasing the emotional issues which cause you to feel unhappy.

Kindle Free Days: March 05 and March 12 ~~ Help, Bette! Answers to Health Questions from Hurting People ~~ What do you do when you’re sick, but doctors say you’re fine?

Kindle FREE Days: Feb 19 – 20 ~~ Bearded Dragon Care ~~ he Ultimate Guide for Proper Care of Your Pet Lizard

Kindle FREE Days: Feb 28 – Mar 01 ~~ So You Think You Know Baseball ~~ A fun way to add to your knowledge of baseball and share your love of the game with family and friends.

Kindle FREE Days: Feb 14 – 15 ~~ The Adventures of Daddy and Me ~~ This book takes a hilarious look on just how simple and everyday tasks can have a different view depending on who’s perspective it is.