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Adya Clarity posted a blog entitled "Adya Clarity Now Clinically Proven: 42% Reduction in Heavy Metals and Harmful Aluminum In Just 30 Days". Read it now by clicking the image above! #AdyaClarity

#AdyaClarity offers magnetic sulfate minerals that cleans water and provides calcium, Iron, potassium, magnesium and 82 other trace minerals. Get it now for your drinking water.

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Bluza din material usor transparent de culoare alba, ce cade lejer pe corp. Are imprimeu in fata. Are decolteu tip barca - poate fi lasat pe umeri. Are maneci scurte largute. Ideal ca tinuta de club, asortat cu blugi/fusta. Pret 60 lei

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Bluza de culoare roz, tip babydoll. Are 4 bretelute pe un singur umar, accesorizate cu inele cu strasuri in fata.

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