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Black Mica explains what is the contribution of this minerals in our health. Watch this video. #BlackMicaYoutube.

Black Mica was on youtube. Watch their video to know more about this minerals that was good in health. #BlackMicaYoutube

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How to Dehydrate and Store Food

how to videos on dehydrating food. All I can say is wow. She really does a great job explaining everything about dehydrating and then storing.

I am not a vegan, I am not a vegetarian, I am not a fanatical raw foodist..I am simply listening to my body and doing what my body is requesting in order to prevent disease. ~Barefoot Mama eat to live....

Black Mica Biotite has a good definition in wiki. Click the link above to know more about this minerals. #BlackMicaWiki

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4 Healthy Morning Smoothies You Can Make In Minutes