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Perry Belcher has been involved in a number of projects over the years, from consulting with businesses looking to increase their marketing footprint, to a lucrative china importing operation, to authoring a series of books on starting new businesses.

With Perry Belcher, businesses can learn how to monetize their blogs, bring more traffic and sales to their sites, and leverage their social media outlets to increase “buzz” and provide real engagement with their customers.

Perry Belcher is a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas. From sales, to writing, to consulting for other businesses, Perry has a diverse range of experiences in the business world. These experiences have helped him develop a number of strategies that other businesses can use to grow their own online presence and increase sales. All of Perry’s methods are based on the foundations of successful business principles, and they really work.

Perry Belcher sales copywriting course - One of his easiest lessons is his widely-regarded (and widely-copied) “sales copy secrets” businesses can use to focus their efforts in attracting new clients and increasing sales.

“If you have something to do during your day DO NOT start reading this book! ’Cause once you start you won't put it down!” Amazon Reviewer. My Brother My Rival #.99 cents

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With his girlfriend away on a business trip, Thurston Roll is left to his own devices. He quickly develops a perverted obsession, causing his precariously balanced life to wobble. As he tries to restore order and maintain his sanity, he endures a series of unusual encounters and is haunted by memories of his past – all the while being pestered by a strange creature.

Want to learn how to create amazing business cards? Download for FREE "The Complete Guide to Business Cards" today at Limited time offer!!

Want to learn how to create amazing business cards? Download for FREE "The Complete Guide to Business Cards" today at Limited time offer!!

Perry Belcher video-based reviews, lectures, and business lessons capture his dynamic personality and his expertise with online marketing strategies. By leveraging the broad appeal of social media, Perry demonstrates its power in captivating audiences and getting the message out to people all over the world. The global appeal of social media has great implications for the business world, too — giving businesses a huge reach without a lavish advertising budget.

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Making your own preserves is a wonderfully satisfying hobby. In this book I explore the world of Small Batch Chutneys and Relishes.

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