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Red Eye Tree Frog...fits me perfect. I have a frog tattoo. I will have to pin that

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LOVE this picture love this book... Modoc The Greatest Elephant Who Ever Lived!!   Boy & Elephant Buddy, 1982.  Photo by Mike Hollist.  World Press Photo Foundation.  Postcard.

Black and white photograph titled My Pal the Elephant. This picture is of a young boy attempting to put his arm around an elephant sitting on a stool beside him. This photograph was taken in 1982 by photographer Mike Hollist.

Maybe I should put Dovey on my noggin. Tort hats are very fashionable this season.

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Oh, there you are Perry…

Oh, there you are Perry…

i love frogs!! I had a White's Australian Tree Frog, Or Kermit frog. His name was Mr. Puddles.

Morelet's Tree Frog - Agalychnis moreletii - This arboreal frog of the family Hylidae is also known as the Black-eyed leaf frog. It is found in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras & Mexico