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Description Bianca / 26 / dreamer / / libra / insatiable / creative / wild&free / Chicago / expensive taste / wanderlust / "everything I do has to be visually appealing to me" / girl power / i draw i paint i cut i paste / i do my own thing / french...

I like how this picture is set up. It would be fine without going through the bike for the picture, but going through the bike adds an extra element to the photograph.

Festoon lighting looks amazing outside The Goldie Room and allows for enough light for a beautiful outdoor dancefloor under the stars!

Spent the whole day with my sweetie. Lunch at Cheesecake Factory followed by getting caught in a hail storm while attempting to get into the Mall. Water up to our shins, ice in my hair. Reminded me of childhood, playing in the rain. What a fun day!