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5 Olympics-Inspired Backyard Games for Kids

5 Fun Winter Olympic Games for Kids. Perfect outdoor activities for the backyard! #olympics #olympic #games #kids #activities #backyard #winter #snow

22 Totally Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

How to build an outdoor musical wall for kids

Want your little kids to explore and be more active outdoors? Then you've got to give them something that's really fun and entertaining, like this DIY outdoor music wall! http://diyprojects.ideas2live4.com/2016/01/26/how-to-build-an-outdoor-musical-wall-for-kids/ There are many ways to create an outdoor music or sound wall, and it's a very inexpensive project too! Do you think your kids will love this idea?

Can We All Please Calm Down About the "Killer Clown Epidemic"?

How to Talk to Your Child About Creepy Clowns. How to Talk to Your Child About Creepy Clowns. Rain or Shine Mamma. Do your kids a favor and don't freak out about the "killer clown epidemic." Use these tips to talk to them instead.

Nature Stories That Inspire + Giveaway

cool critters, tic-tac snow, hoop it up, swing it away, scavenger hunt are some of the fun activities to do with kids in snow

25 Things Every Mom & Daughter Need to Do Together

Mother-daughter time ideas

Road Trip Activity Bag Ideas

Road Trip Activity Bags to keep kids entertained in the car without using screens. [ad] - travel bags for women, latest side bags, shoulder bags and totes *ad

Beautiful Nature Weaving Tools your Kids will Adore

Nature Weaving looms for kids #natureweaving #weaving

10 Fun Physical Activities For Toddlers

For If you are looking to give your toddler a more active life, look no further! We have compiled this list of some super fun toddler physical activities, which will surely catch your little one’s attention!Here are some amazing physical activities for

“Every Sunday afternoon, Clay and I start brainstorming ways we could live without having to spend so much time apart. Ideas include, but are not limited…”

Simple Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids

This simple color scavenger hunt for kids is unbelievably easy to throw together and works as a great outdoor activity for kids, summer activity for kids, kids camping activity, color learning activity, and preschool color activity!

6 Health Benefits Your Kids Will Get From Playing Outside This Winter