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Proposal 1: The issue that has turned too many Michigan progressives into tea partiers | Eclectablog

States Have an Incentive to Promote Disability Fraud – Not Stop It – So How Much Fraud is There? : Freedom Outpost

This anti-abortion bill is actually composed of multiple bills at once. The bill would ban abortion after six weeks which violates Roe v. Wade. It would forces women to prove they have been raped. It would force women to be raped by the state. And it would define life as beginning at conception, a concept Mississippi voters overwhelmingly defeated last fall.

Republican Jesus ™ is a registered trademark of the GOP, not to be confused with Jesus from the Bible or anyone that would feed the hungry or cure the sick.

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Po' lil Tink Tinks.... All of the above comparisons are reaches...... This is like comparing food to cat ish..... THIS MAY BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST REACHES I'VE SEEN..... REEEEAAAAACCCCHHHHHIIIINNNNGGGGG.....

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BENGHAZI - “I Do Not Appreciate Cowardice, And I Do Not Appreciate Lies..I wish the leadership in the White House had that same level of moral courage that my son displayed.” - Father of slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods

Well Said ! Put your Attention on Anything you Love and the More of that Flows into your Life and the Lives of Others' ! :-)

The Biggest Problem With Obamacare’s Rollout Is Being Caused Intentionally by Republicans