No matter how you play with your dog, you might have the type of dog who tends to get overly aroused when she gets excited. Just like some children, some dogs come hard-wired to spiral into a state of emotional overload in seemingly low-key situations. All dogs need their owners to know the signs of over arousal. Read more on Animal Behavior Resource Institute here:

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On this week's Dancing With The Pups Derek Ruff and Kellie Pickoftherlitter attempt a daring move #dogs #photography #pets #dogphotography

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While speaking to a potential client over the phone, she mentioned to me that her third dog had “fallen on their laps” as they had rescued this young pup from a really bad situation.

Ria is an awesome heeler mix, who, at 4 months, is showing signs of being incredibly intelligent, curious and super-loving. She has all the traits of being that kind of dog that will form an intense bond with her "human." She is at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society.

Did you know? Dogs were the first animals domesticated by people.

Take a look at handsome Copper who is available at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society. He is fully grown 64lb and I can't wait to find his new family! Find out more about Copper here:

When it comes to animals and friendships new studies are sharing some light regarding the nature of these relationships and their function or advantage on the lives of all sorts of species.


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Did you know? The basenji, an African wolf dog, is the only dog that cannot bark.

It is common for owners to ask their dog over and over to do something without ever setting the dog up for success. What usually happens is that the dog and the owner fail, and both of them get upset. In reality, the more you talk to your dog the less he/she listens.

Developing the Confident Dog Many dogs are labeled: “hyper," "stubborn,” "problem dogs” or “aggressive” when in fact, it is their lack of confidence that is the underlining factor for their behavior. As the guardians of these dogs will attests, living with a dog that lacks confidence is a challenge.