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Natural hair

African American Hair Tips & Tricks ~ Cornrows & Twists

Perfect flat twist outs

She Used Flat Twists To Create Fabulous Summer Curls On Short Natural Hair

Perfect that twistout

No matter what kind of hair you have, I think every girl can agree on one thing: it can be really annoying in the summertime. Whether it gets frizzy the second you step outside, or it just starts sticking to the back of your neck thanks to sweat, it’s frustrating to deal with. A lot … Read More

20 Easy No-Heat Summer Hairstyles For Girls With Natural Black Hair

Natural Hair UpDo Style Tutorial: Curly Twisted Pin-Up

Une jolie coiffure pour mettre en valeur ses cheveux !

Natural Hair How-To: Two Strand Flat Twist

Two Strand Flat Twist How To - Twisted Natural Hair Updo Tutorial - Seventeen

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30 Updo Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair

30 ways to style natural hair in an updo by Aisha of My Fro & I. especially for short natural hair

Funky frohawk; I would leave the back braided and the front the way it is.

I don't care for mohawks, but I love her coils! Natural Hairstyle ~ cornrows n coils

Do get it "twisted" lol

Straight flat twists on both sides if the head going upward into a Mohawk with individual stand twists in between (all braided up/wrapped around towards crown area), and the rest of the hair in the front creates a side bang for elegance.

Too cute and yes I will be trying this style on myself!

Flat twist with side bang with two strand twist hanging in the back. Natural hairstyles for kids - This was sooo easy to do and my Princess looked so pretty.

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Natural hairstyles - Braids for Black Women

Beads, braids, beauty

14 Super Cute And Creative Corn Row Styles For Your Little Girl [Gallery]

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a model look with the twisted hairstyle

Twist Updo - Black Hair Information

Complicated Braids That Are A Feat Of Human Ingenuity

This is pretty - Black Hair Information Community (braids for wedding kids)

Ken                                                       …

Don’t Know What To Do With Your Hair: Check Out This Trendy Ghana Braided Hairstyle

Ken girls her styles …

Cute twist updo!

Flat twist updo with two strand twists

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8 Braid Hairstyles That Look Awesome. Braid hairstyles are cute and sexy, and are fast becoming a popular trend for celebrities like Jessica Alba and non-celebrities as well. From side braids a