guys with brown hair and blue eyes get me like a snap

hai der.


"Finding Out What The Bad Boy Fights For - Chapter 1" by letsgetreadytorumble - "1. Swing left. 2. Swing right. 3. Dodge. 4. Tackle. 5. Laugh as he lies there, nearly unconscious. …"

Im probably the biggest sucker for boys with brown hair, blue eyes, and a perfect smile. My heart is melting

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Why heellllo

Gonna need moisturizer by the looks of that weather....


his eyes are beautiful!

tumblr boys <3 Sean o' donnell

Justin Bieber Hairs 2014

the scruff and the blue eyes :)))

Asher? Should he have darker eyes or stick with grey? The hair is perfect though, and the thin face.

(Ethan) I really need to talk to someone... Sojin?

David Giuntoli

Zac Efron

bradley cooper

emo boy black hair blue eyes

Tumblr Boys with Blue Eyes | Hiyaa, you like boys with black hair and blue eyes? Here is the tumblr ...