guys with brown hair and blue eyes get me like a snap

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Zac Efron

"He sucked in a breath of air, trying to absorb the clarity into his head. /Think, Jayson, think./"

I may or may not be making out with my screen right now

His name is Wade Poezyn.


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This is my boyfriend, Jordan

Zach Efron and his gorgeous eyes

(Ethan) I really need to talk to someone... Sojin?

Matt Grevers (team usa swimmer)

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Im probably the biggest sucker for boys with brown hair, blue eyes, and a perfect smile. My heart is melting

Don't trust the Hot Guy with the Blue Eyes <3


the perfect white boy: black hair, blue eyes. i have no idea who this is but i approve of his face

Zac Efron , a boy with brown hair and clear blue eyes , isn't he perfect ?

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I loveeeeeee the combonation of green eyes and dark hair! Strong jawline is an added bonus:)