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My new favorite:Funny Family Ecard: If there were 'Box Tops for Education' on wine labels, my kid's school would be rich! I have some friends who resemble this! LOL so true! My mom except boxed wine haha

Or ten wineries! #WineWednesday

Or ten wineries! #WineWednesday

This explains why the Pennsylvania mission team was so shocked by us... Haha

Yeah, we talk a little too loud sometime. - maybe I'm honorary Southern; that would explain why I'm so loud!

Alot of my friends at school are nice, But get anoying and it frustrates me. Then i feel bad for feeling this way

I hate it when you have to be nice to someone you really want to throw a brick at.

the others must have been shocked that it was going the wrong way and stopped dumbfounded...

It is miraculous. and I don't mean Miracle. I tend to associate miracles with good things. not idiots. you know what's worse. knowing they can reproduce. yeah, now that's a true nightmare.

Hate this! (I realize it's not just a Lupus thing, but #Lupus definitely instigated this in my life.)

That's NOT NOT funny! It happens almost every night to me. Stop laughing! It is not funny!

"Orange is the happiest color" ~ Frank Sinatra  I TOTALLY AGREE!

"Orange is the happiest color." ~Frank Simatra Did you know this was Frank Sinatra's favorite color?

Meet at the Barre: Humpday Confessions- A Link Up

White wine has the lowest calories, with still a good amount of alcohol for a nice buzz!which kind pairs with pizza rolls?


Dear, sweatpants hoodies, Thanks for being there for me. Sincerely, Sexy I know it, but too Lazy to show it. ecards-that-make-me-laugh

We’d have a shot at the Olympics if only they had wine tasting as a sport ….

Free and Funny Drinking Ecard: We’d have a shot at the Olympics if only they had wine tasting as a sport …

I don't know what they're talking about...

Free, Workplace Ecard: When I die, I hope it is at a faculty meeting or teacher inservice because the transition from life to death would be so subtle