• Leigh Belford

    Elie Wiesel - Night ( I'm a nightowl at heart)

  • Sde Raiz

    ELIE WIESEL | #ElieWiesel | Writer, professor, political activist, Holocaust survivor, and Nobel Laureate.

  • Racquel E.

    Elie Wiesel. Night time is the best time.

  • Doug Z

    – Elie Wiesel - Night ... I love the nighttime hours ... peaceful!

  • Sandi Hack

    a night owl. Night by Elie Wiesel via itistimetothinkformyself. Illustration from PonderAbout.com #Books #Night

  • Becca Jacobs

    Love this quote. Love this man. Love this book. Love, love, love!

  • Jeff Lester

    Elie Wiesel Quote On The Effectiveness Of Night For Thinking, Loving And Dreaming - Loved his Night, Dawn, Day Books

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