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Blood donation by Angelos Ntinas, via Behance

Poster / Participation in the Greek graphic designer's association, "Creative waves" initiative on social design.This month's specific project aims to promote blood donation, in collaboration with "blood bonds" blood donators club, in Argolida, Greece.

Nike Ad - when I first saw it, I thought it was bacon.   Then I took another look.  I liked it better as bacon

Brand: Nike air max Source type: direct Attribute: credibility They use this source because everyone is very familiar with nikes and their quality. They are trying to say that nikes will help with training, running, or everyday use.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup : When Fries Can't Resist The Attraction #Advertising #Design

Hierarchy is when the design moves readers and users across the page towards the significant image. In this case the design of the fries that moves the readers to the Ketchup.

McDonald's: Santa | Ads of the World™

Print advertisment created by Leo Burnett, South Africa for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

campaign against obesity

Smart and eye catching ads for a Brazilian Gym The copy says: Give your slender body a chance to get rid of you Find your slender body hidden somewhere in your scale Get rid of your weight off your shoulders oh , yeah we are working on it!

Semiotics is the study of signs.  It can be interpreted by the "signifier", the sensory clue, or the "signified", the concept.  This picture shows an example how how two legos, the signifier, and be interpreted or represented as a plane, the signified.

Lego Shadow Design – The Ultimate Inspiration

Lego Print Ad This is a super simple, yet super clever ad that makes use of a single image, and doesn't even use copy. It shows that Lego is more than just a toy - it's about imagination for the kids that use them.

Fundação Pró-Sangue – O Resgate

Fundação Pró-Sangue – O Resgate

Reading PROMO:  Yieesh, I guess it's effective.  "See, Becky, you didn't finish the reading list and now Cinderella has diphtheria!"

Using Fairytale Heroes to Promote Reading

kittynotakitty: “ kurolove: “ pie-overlord: “ yoannmichaux: “ When a child doesn’t read, imagination disappear. Literacy Foundation Ads by Gaetan Namouric ” I AGREE WITH THIS. sdflguij DAMN IT, READ.

"to announce that McDonald’s restaurants are now open at night, we designed an ad that could literally only be read at night... after the dark, the back-lit poster was reflected in the glass revealing the complete logo..."

unbelievable - At night, the back-lit poster was reflected in the adjacent glass pane. This revealed the complete McDonald’s ‘M’ logo and the message “open all night” could be viewed the right way round. Bus shelter Campaign by DDB Sidney


71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think

The poster comments on the subject (racism) in a non-direct way, trying to invoke the reader visually into the inevitable conclusion. It has multiple reads, that provoke critical thinking and raise awareness on the subject and its results globally.


Contrast: coca cola is a great example for contrast in many of their ads because they use simple designs with only using the colors red and while which makes the company logo pop.

Ivan Puig | l'ego 2000 instalación, logo impreso, pintura y hombrecillo de plomo 5X4X6 m.

Drowned car, Iwo Jima chess pieces, and Lego minifig shadow by Ivan Puig . * Buy Lego minifigs at eBa.

Brock Davis - art for Wired

This element of design is Negative Space. The hand isn't actually holding anything. It implies that there is a light bulb in the empty space. Negative space guides your imagination to finish the image.

Pepsi + Lays – NAC Silver Award (Campaign Category) on Behance

Clever advertising and marketing Pepsi + Lays – NAC Silver Award (Campaign Category) on Behance