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Détail (Jugement particulier, du juste, du pécheur). #art #visualart #religion #religious #imagery #detail #painting #judgment #sin #sinner #demons #jugement #particulier #judgement #dujuste #dupecheur #torment #darkart

The original definition of the disorder sleep paralysis was codified as a nightmare by Samuel Johnson in his book "A Dictionary of the English Language". Sleep paralysis was widely considered to be the work of demons, and more specifically an incubus, which was thought to sit on the chests of sleepers. In Old English the name for this being was mare or mære (from a proto-Germanic *marōn, cf. Old Norse mara), hence comes the mare part in nightmare.

Artist: Blas Gállego Eve walked down to the garden The serpent said "Shall we be gin? If god up above wants you so dumb, what kind of devil does that make him?" refrain Adam's scorn was upon Eve Said "woman, you've made me sin" Eve said "the true god came down from above, took a snake just to let the light in." God came down from heaven said "what have you two done?" Snake said "If that's the kind of God you're gonna be maybe Heaven ain't so much fun." refrain

Life asked Death, "why am I loved so? And you are so feared?" Death replied, "because you are a beautiful lie. I am the harsh truth."

Art and Designfrom Art and Design

Concept Art by Wenjun Lin

Hades and Persephone.

.A Phooka is a very dangerous and often violent shapeshifting trickster from Celtic myth, known for their ability to change into great fearsome black animals so that they can scare humans. Some Phookas take a liking to humans and just play harmless pranks (like Harvey the rabbit of Jimmy Stewart movie fame) other Phookas are blood-thirsty vampire-like creatures which lure humans to their doom.

"It's Death," Eva said. "Should we stop him?" Kingsley shook his head. "If there's one thing I've learnt, kid, it's that Death always wins. Hell, we shouldn't even be seeing this," "We're some messed up people, Kingsley."