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    Everyone should know this!!!Ingredient substitute list for when you don't have one ingredient. It tells you how to replace it! I have been looking for this for ages!!

    Kitchen 101: Baking Substitutions. An information potluck featuring tips and tricks from over 20 food bloggers and cookbook authors!

    Measuring Equivalents

    Heavy cream substitute.

    Most Common Cooking Mistakes...I'm totally bookmarking this page! Yep... made many of these mistakes. I read this once before and I am still making mistakes! I need to reread this every few months!

    Homemade Mozzarella Cheese Mozzarella is one of the easiest cheeses to make, it only takes 30 minutes and the taste can't be beat! - I'll have to try this some time.

    2 Ingredient Pizza Dough Recipe - Dinner

    Cream-of-Whatever Soup Substitute: this is so much better for you and way cheaper!

    Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe ~ Says: This recipe could not be easier. It is so cheap. And I always have all the ingredients on hand already. If you need some sweetened condensed milk in a recipe, give this a try. Delicious, takes five minutes (or less), and incredibly inexpensive.

    Deceptively delicious shortcuts

    Working with 6 tortillas at a time, wrap in a barely damp cloth or paper towel and microwave on High until steamed, about 30 seconds. Lay the tortillas on a clean work surface and coat both sides with cooking spray. Then carefully drape each tortilla over two bars of the oven rack. Bake at 375°F until crispy, 7 to 10 minutes. We make homemade Taco Shells! Great tip!

    Make your own cookie mixes for less. Can substitute non-wheat flours in these recipes.

    Homeade cheeze snacks. 4 ingredients. While these still aren't what you would consider healthy (all they are is butter, cheese, some flour, and salt), I definitely feel a lot better about eating them than their chemical-filled counterparts.  And talk about easy to make!

    10 Unbelievable Uses for Grandma's Best Kept Kitchen Secret. Don't be left behind. :)

    Homemade Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce - 2 ingredients: 8 oz. chocolate bar & 2 tbsp coconut oil

    Homemade Ricotta Cheese - 4 Ingredients, 2 minutes cooking time. SO much better than store bought!

    Day 218 – Cooking Substitutions

    Herbs and spices can do more than just enhance the flavor of your meal. Some of them have some great health benefits. Check out 10 of them here: #herbsandspices #healthyeating

    How to peel a Kiwi...been doing it wrong...