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Winchester pizza | Supernatural fandom - is this what Jensen meant by #PepperoniDreaming? - lol

tumblr_mtgldvMqMW1rjimpno1_500.jpg 246×750 pixels -- Dean Winchester -- supernatural ,, tears feelings all over the place

"Dean Winchester's behind you." I love how every demon knows, if dean winchesters behind you, you're gonna die

Jensen.... "So... your like...Ghostbusters?"....S10, E13 ;)

It bugs me how under appreciated Sam Winchester is. It's all about Dean. While I love Jensen/Dean I'm forever a Jared/Same girl. He is smart and funny and incredibly handsome.

Supernatural fanart. Crowley | Supernatural and Game of Thrones

[gifset] Borderline psychos. 5x20 'The Devil You Know' Excellent commentary on the Winchesters. (Really like that last line)

There's a tumblr blog that's creating a replica of John Winchester's journal and they are taking it to TorCon2013 for J2 to sign! #Supernatural

The Red and Black Necklace with Swarovski crystal by AnnetaValious, $395.00