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Libro Telares para el alma weaving loom book por quedicha en Etsy, $45,00

"This is a knitting pattern written in Japanese but the basic construction is easily hacked. Knit your own rectangles or this could easily be adapted as a way to upcycle old sweaters--felt wool sweater(s) then cut and join rectangles as shown. Could use store bought bag handles or stitch handle from additional felted sweater fabric, maybe around upholstery cording."

What a great way to make a loom that's always just the right size!

Payasitos en mosaico (clown mosaic) hecho a mano por Viviana Valiente M.

Telares Cachicadán: Prendas Telar Cuadrado Muchas explicaciones y ejemplos para tejer en diferentes telares.

- Weaving 'Basics' - Looks difficult , compared to soem of the other DIY projects, but beautiful, and you can brag about this one too - My mother did it way back when, we had a number of unfinished 'pieces' lying around - So, I figure if she can do it, I can too, maybe...-

telar egipcio, telar de tarjetas. card weaving.