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from Mad World News

Julian Assange Gets Sweet Revenge After Hillary Cuts His Internet

Maybe the MSM will start doing their job and we won't need him. I do think all the swamp in DC should be drained anyway.

All eyes will remember the truth. Holding

Vote Trump! Hillary is unfit in all aspects! Especially her decision making.

10/17/16 WikiLeaks: Exposing Hillary Clinton - YouTube / Claims that Julian Assange is deceased, that he released all WikiLeaks before dying. However, this is a rumor. It seems highly unlikely. Nonetheless, this video is worth the watch.

Get over it. We all have a past. Research the Clintons for yourself. Follow their money trails. The establishment fears Trump because he will expose the greed of both parties and the life style we pay for them to have. M.W. 10/14/16

from Love, Joy, Feminism

First Debate Highlights: That Moment Every Woman Knew What It Felt Like to Be Hillary

Watching Trump talk all over Clinton while she smiled and retained her composure was fascinating, horrifying, and a bit too true-to-life.

...AND Rosie O Donnell started that war! I saw the episode on her talk show when she was making fun of Trump FOR NO REASON BUT TO BE A BULLY.. When he responded back...all of a sudden he became trash talker on ridiculous and not true!! The left will reach for anything for Trump to be stopped...because they know he will help us and not them(them...being whoever is corrupt) !

This is not American.. this is simple and plain GREED ANS SELFISHNESS to the point that many crimes have been committed. The second problem is the people who are also involved are trying to hide. ALL have sold out their country, supporters, and worst their souls to evil! This country is more then vulnerable now, it can be lost if people don't find conviction and get their hearts right with God!!