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Building a Colonial American Home

JUNE 11, 1776: The Continental Congress apppointed The Committee of Five to draft a Resolution of Independence. The five members were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and John Adams.

"Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky" by Benjamin West

Self-portrait by Thomas Nast, 1840-1902. German American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist, Nast is the 'father of the American Cartoon'. He's famous for his iconic depiction of Uncle Sam, the personification of the American people, pointing outwardly. He's also credited with the way we envisage Santa Claus. He illustrated for Harper's Weekly, where he produced many notable cartoons and illustrations of political jest.

Hajo de Reijger - The Netherlands - Chavez - English - Hugo Chavez was a contested and divisive leader. His charisma is undeniable though. Was his death a good thing or a bad thing for Venezuela? Perhaps only history will be able to tell us.

talented peeps

Andy Singer - Politicalcartoons... - Healthcare Screenings at Airports - Healthy flights is important!!!!

Benjamin Franklin first proposed the rattlesnake as our national symbol because it is indigenous to our country, has 13 rattles mirroring the 13 colonies, and is a formidable opponent. The Gadsden flag came first and the Navy Jack is the later version that was flown on navy warships. This idea of voice not being ignored or silenced seemed relevant. The symbolism of the snake is also significant: used in fertility rites, ideas of rebirth and regeneration, life and death

A photo from 1905 of Ben Franklin's tomb, Philadelphia, PA

With corporate takeover of our political campaigns well underway, the only power still capable of opposing ‘USA, Inc.’ is the people themselves — an informed, united citizenry willing to reclaim their country. Where do you stand? (Cartoon: Cagle Post)