Country Boy, City Belle™: To all my BFFs!

  • Lindsey May🌻

    You're the Peanut to my butter The star to my burst The pop to my tart The fruit to my loop But most importantly you're the best to my friend!!

  • Aparna

    You are the best to my friend ! #bestfriend

  • Zozo blue

    Tumblr Best Friendship Quotes | best friend quotes | Tumblr | Repinly

  • Jayna Weichmann

    I don't know why but for some reason i just love this picture. I actually sent it to my best friend once and she texted back, "but i don't want to be the peanut to your butter." And i just laughed my head off.

  • Vivian Winters

    best friend forever👭

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I am there for my BESTIES like that. If you all need to talk but can't message me let me know in the comments and we can figure something out

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