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Sacrifice c 1918 by Charles Sims The image of the Crucifixion used to capture the Canadian experience of war overseas and on the home front.

Fred Varley: "For What?" 1918. "We’d be healthier to forget [the war], & that we never can. We are forever tainted with its abortiveness & its cruel drama." — Fred Varley, Canadian First World War artist

"The Cambrai Road" 1918. Newfoundland artist Maurice Cullen painted this peaceful scene of soldiers and vehicles moving through the French countryside. You have to look closely to see the half-buried bodies in the right foreground.

Maurice Cullen: "Dead Horse and Rider in a Trench" 1918. The agitated brushwork below the horse’s head reveals the artist’s horror at the nature of this subject matter. Carcasses of dead horses littered the landscape of the western front.