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Goo Goo Pie Parfaits

Craving a dessert? These Goo Goo Pie Parfaits combine chocolate pudding with a salty caramel peanut sauce.

Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic_If New Zealand had a national dish, Pavlova would no doubt be it. A puff of baked meringue topped, typically, with a generous dollop of whipped cream and a scattering of fruit, pavlova—or pav, as it's affectionately known among Kiwis—is such an institution in New Zealand that even the local McDonald's franchises tried to capitalize on its popularity in 2000, when they inttroduced the short-lived McPav.

Spring Dessert Recipes

Using frozen puff pastry makes these individual fruit tarts both easy and delicious. They're a real taste of spring.

Caramelized-Honey Brûlée

If you don’t have a kitchen torch, time to treat yourself. They’re inexpensive and super fun to use—and you can’t make this dessert without one.

Vegan Raspberry & Chocolate Tart

Do you wanna know what one of the best things about having a cooking blog is? Besides tasting the food, of course. It’s being able to share it with people. Being able to watch their faces when they eat something they truly enjoy. In our case, our friends