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I mean really why does everyone think this is all we do! im kinda sick of it, just because we are pretty and a teenager doesnt mean we do any of this stuff!!!

So just be you and say you like pink even if everyone thinks that's a too girly of a thing. So what? Don't say things like "one of THOSE girls" because girls are girls are girls. And there are so many of us and such a wide variety that it's bound to happen that a girl loves hot pink but likes to wear combat boots. Or likes listening to Def Leppard but also One Direction. It's okay. Just be you. Everyone else can suck it.

My best friend gave me this quotes and I cried again and again each time I read it... Because this is just me... I can't seem to let him go and we fight and we broke up and he call me and say that he loves me and I would forgive him.. That everything happen all over again

Just girly things. And since I have nothing better to do, I write my story with a cup of cocoa and wrapped up in a blanket. :3 <3