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Google Doodle Honors Archaeologist Howard Carter

Google Doodle 9th May 2012 | Howard Carter's 138th Birthday


The Google Fabergé Egg Doodle

Google Doodle 30th May 2012 | Peter Carl Fabergé's 166th birthday

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Origami Legend Akira Yoshizawa Honored With Google Doodle

101º Aniversário de Akira Yoshizawa.

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Bram Stoker books: How 'Dracula' created the modern vampire

today google logo(2012.11.8)


Juan Gris 125th Birthday Google Logo

Google Doodle 23rd March 2012 | Juan Gris 125th Birthday


Google's Pea Logo For Gregor Mendel


Google's tribute to Mary Leakey's 100th Birthday, Feb. 6, 2013. Click on the Google doodle for information and tributes about her. [Feb. 7+, the click through is gone, but the doodle is here:]

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Why is Google honoring Gustav Klimt with a golden doodle?

150º Aniversário de Gustav Klimt (online em 14/07/2012 - Global)

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Google Doodle Honors Macabre Cartoonist Charles Addams on His 100th Birthday


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Google's 2011 Winter & Summer Solstice Logos



Amelia Earhart Gets Google Logo For 115th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Amelia Earhart! Check out today for their Doodle tribute!