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Ziad Alkadri was commissioned by the New Talent Conservatory committee to design a poster to launch the Rachmaninov Piano Cencert 2007, in commemoration of the September 11 World Trade Centre tragedy.

I thought this poster was really interesting. You have to look at the poster for a while to really understand the image.

Spring / ** The PopDot Artist @AlabamaBYRD on Twitter & FaceBook at BIG BYRD SMILES & HUGS (")< Chirp Chirp **

J'aime beaucoup l'ombre du lapin.Puis le traveau de crayon.Cette peinture me fait sentir fragil et préssieuse.

STEPHAN ZIMMERLI, MORIARTY CONCERT POSTER WORK IN PROGRESS: DECEMBER 2010: wolff carbon pencil and oil pastel on newspaper.

Ad for a 9/11 Memorial piano concert - Serious Advertising

I like how the title is sideways and there are more information on it and it is fun and creative.

Soviet Poster / russian / vintage / cccp / poster art / design