Salsa salsa
Danette's Recipes: 5 Minute Salsa
This is the best salsa I have ever had and its from all fresh and delicious ingredients. So good with chips or in recipes!  <3
SO good! makes about 7 cups and is so easy and cheap! Homemade Salsa Recipe from
Roasted Tomato Salsa. Prob easier to  buy (2) canned Roasted tomato. Otherwise it's good. ~aw
Easy Salsa   Made with roasted tomatoes!
Adorkable Recipes: Spicy Homemade Salsa
quick and easy salsa made in food processor? Sounds easy enough, and I am always looking for a good salsa recipe!
Classic Roasted Salsa | Martha Stewart - this is a great quick recipe for salsa, no chopping required!  Done in 15 minutes.