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Well said

learning this one...

Breathe & have faith, working on this.


Accept what isn't, so you can move forward with what is

Inspirational Quotes: The less you respond to negative people the more peaceful your life will become :)

10 Secrets for Success Inner Peace - Dr. Wayne Dyer

learning to let go #healthy

I wish I'd see this when someone else I know used another past, present, future quote to justify their actions ... but that is the past. I will use this for MY life ... in the present and remind myself of it when feeling depressed or anxious.... remember to breathe.

such an awesome statement...


Love this! When I read it first thing that came to mind was Kung Fu Panda and my little boy telling me, " I'm finding my inner peace mommy!" Hahaha!!!


so true.

Inspiring Words / to live by.

This is so true

True or true?

difficult, but true