Patricia and Cybil Barnstable - Doublemint Gum Twins

Weekend Getaway: Louisville, Kentucky. Great hotel, museum and restaurant. A Louisville must-do!

Louisville, Kentucky

25 Signs That You Grew Up In Kentucky-You know every word to “My Old Kentucky Home”,Unless you’re from Louisville, University of Kentucky basketball is the only sport that matters.It’s not pronounced Louis-ville, it’s Lewa-vul or Looo-vul.BBQ Grippos. You don’t say what city you’re from, you say what county.Your mom didn’t make dinner, she made supper.Ale-8 is the greatest drink ever created

Kentucky Derby. Louisville, Kentucky

LYNN'S PARADISE CAFE, Barret Avenue, Louisville, KY (Closed). It happened suddenly, the recent closure of this latter-day eatery institution, and it was not a pretty thing, reflective of today's fragile labor economy. This funky comfort food haven became world famous, a top destination for stars visiting the Kentucky Derby, for instance. The few times I went I thought the long waits were not worth it for moderately interesting potato-and-eggs fare. (KevinR@Ky)


The world's largest bat: Louisville, KY In Louisville, Kentucky, a carbon steel baseball bat leans against and towers over a five-story building on West Main Street. The enlarged replica of a bat used by Babe Ruth in the 1920's marks the site of the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Louisville Kentucky at night

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky - Highly recommended.

Belle of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Louisville, Kentucky.

The Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Louisville, Kentucky

White Castle, Louisville, Kentucky. :: R. G. Potter Collection


Patty Loveless - born in Pikeville, Kentucky


Sheltowee bridge / Red River Gorge / Kentucky, USA - I'll pass on walking across this bridge...bridge, right?

Us Kentucky girls