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    Simple Bliss: Alice in Wonderland Dress Tutorial

    Alice in Wonderland inspired eye makeup


    Howls moving castle cosplay

    Male princess Peach and Daisy and female Mario and Luigi! [Comic-Con 2012] hahahaha I'd look good in the Daisy dress ;)

    Howl's Moving Castle

    Roxy Lalonde



    Removing wig shine for cosplay purposes

    Peter Pan by Piperonni.

    Eridan in a nutshell. (Not really though)

    SALE Ariel Little Mermaid Custom Adult Costume Wig A True Enchantment Original

    Oh those comments are too funny! Educate yourself!!

    Trickster Jane, Trickster Dirk, Trickster Jake - Homestuck

    Trickster Mode by ~Erinya-chan on deviantART

    Sollux Captor - Homestuck

    "I’ve always seen so many lovely female Tardis cosplayers but never a male Tardis. I felt I had to change that."

    barfing-rainbows: so this is a thing that happened today

    17'2 0n3 1n 7h3 m0rn1ng 4nd 1 n33d 2l33p D---> help me!

    Kankri and Karkat Kate

    Oh my god, check out this Ms Paint and Spades Slick cosplay ... well, it is canon now, right? :)



    Davesprite and God Tier John