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CATOBLEPAS is said to have the body of a buffalo and the head of a wild boar. Its back has scales that protect the beast, and its head is always pointing downwards due to its head being heavy. Its stare or breath could either turn people into stone, or kill them. The catoblepas is often thought to be based on real-life encounters with wildebeest, such that some dictionaries say that the word is synonymous with "gnu".

Ulisse Aldrovandi, Monstrorum Historia (History of Monsters) late 1500s, a compendium of monstrous and human hybrid races. Here shown are the Cynocephali, dog-head humans said to inhabit a island in the far East. Not monsters in the sense of inspiring horror or fear; these monstrous races were emblems of and unknown world and God's ability to create wondrous creatures.

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The 'udhrut (plural 'adharit) normally looks like a wolf, but it can change its shape into that of a dog, cat or any other animal, or it can resemble a stone, or even a man or woman.

Galeria de ARCHIZOO: Animais ilustrados a partir de formas arquitetônicas, por Federico Babina - 26

Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird (usually an owl). Sometimes Sirins are seen as a metaphor for God's word going into the soul of a man. Sometimes they are seen as a metaphor of heretics tempting the weak.

Its head reared back and his golden eyes pierced their hearts . .. --EDK ====== Stunning Digital Art by Michele Frigo