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These beautiful plastic toys were designed by British designer Patrick Rylands for Trendon Toys company. Created in 1970, the toys illustrate pure organic shapes perfect for children's play. Fish and Bird are ideal for bath use and documents organic design of the era. Now in the collaction of Victoria & Albert museum in London, among others.

Two-Toned Toy Packages

Technology Will Save Us & Oliver Helfrich Designed the Educational Toy Kits #marketing

This is DISPOSABLE dinnerware.. wow...I would love the NONdisposable version too, if it exists.. this stuff is gorgeous and made from bamboo and other biodegradable/compostable things.

Say #Cheese ;-)

Storage/ Decorative Bowl- Love the shape & origami-style! WARNING: I searched & could find NO written instructions to go along with this. SO, here's my best guess! 1. Cut out Hexagon *exactly* as shown (including cuts toward middle.) 2. Experiment with Folding until yours looks similar to the one shown! 3. Holding it all together: see the small orange circle where the tabs overlap- the layers are stitched through here. I'm not sure that alone will do the job, but that's all I've found!