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iPhone Alarm Phone Stand

Never wake up with your phone plastered to your face again. #urbanoutfitters #iPhone

Become an official Twitter bug swatter through Android app beta scheme - Like having early access to the newest Twitter features? Don't mind using an Android app that crashes and freezes every now and again? Then the Twitter for Android beta tester program is for you. | Techradar

Cancer, particularly colorectal is one of the leading causes for deaths around the world. Cardamom had a positive result in counteracting colorectal cancer to an extent of 48%. It contains antimicrobial properties & is effective against cancer cells. Also it has been used to aid in bronchitis & asthma by improving blood circulation to the lungs. #dherbs #healthtips

4- #ManagingTime I don't know how people manage their time with out a calendar on their smart phone! You can set reminders you can link up with hubby's calendar and you can see you calendar online!! #mobilelifeofmoms #sociallensresearch