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How to Make Easy Hot Tamales using Corn Flour / Cómo Hacer Tamales con Harina de Maíz

More amazing tips on making Tamales including an amazing Choahila style red sauce that I've made before, it's very authentic with a little bit of heat but not overwhelming.

How to Make Tamales

Make your own tamales this Cinco de Mayo! Learn how here:

Mexican Tamales,Tamales Mexicanos de Puerco

For some time I have wondered if I shoud post this recipe. It is long and hard but so many people have asked for it here it is.If any dish signifies Christmas it's this dish my grandmother would start around the 20 or 21 of Dec, to make these delicious tamales. It was a two day procedure and involved all for us helping her to prepare everything. The results amazing. Now I buy my corn already cooked and ground not like my Mama who would cook the corn two days prior and grind it herself. I…

Hot Tamales

Easy-to-follow Hot Tamales recipe from Alton Brown (who I think deserves more credit) - Dean Martin sang "Everybody make tamales sometime". Before you make queso y rajas tamales, try making some Mississippi Red Hots!

Traditional Tamales (Pork)

Traditional Tamales minus the pork and filled with something I like like Chicken or pulled beef or I will make them vegetarians