Bears at the Beach (blue jello, vanilla pudding, gummi bears, umbrella). So cute!

Sand Cups made with blue jello cool whip vanilla pudding crushed vanilla wafers and teddy grahams (gummy bears would work too!)


Summer time dirt cups. Pudding, crushed white oreos, sour straw for the towel and a Teddy Graham!

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I NEED TO DO THIS FOR CHRISTMAS!! HOW COME I DIDN'T THINK OF THAT!! SO COOL!! I want this present for Christmas! Candy Present! I must do this!

Edible Sand.

Watermelon ice pops

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes! So cute and creative!!

sweedish fish jello

FullPrintClothing - Gummy Bear Hoodie, $49.99 (

Sprite and gummy bears Popsicles.

Super Science Party Drinks for Kids: Candy Floss Party Punch. In a word, wow.

LOVE!!!! This is such an adorable snack:) I think this is a good snack idea for maybe preschool or kindergarten. It's good because they have many different colors in front of them and they should be able to identify the colors, fruits, and the shapes. It sounds very fun to make!

Champagne jello shots with sparkle sprinkles...stay classy!

Prepare for seismic activity in your kitchen with Volcano Dirt. It’s a little-known secret that liquid-hot magma tastes just like chocolate-marshmallowy goodness (after it cools down a few hundred degrees). So get your kids ready for an eruption of fun with graham crackers, Chocolate or Vanilla JELL-O Pudding Snacks and JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows.

Burger Cupcake... good manly cakes!

Vodka Gummy Bear Shots


Put A Little Jell-o In Your Frosting And It Will Change Color And Flavor

Bread Bears!